Marvelous Mend Testimonials

Richard shares: 

i had a sore on my foot that just wouldn't heal, actually lead to cellulitis.  goddess mountain was amazing in how it helped my body heal itself.  truly a real gift.  keep up the good work

Mr. T. shares his story:

You may not remember me but we met on a flight maybe 6 months ago (I think we were stopping in Denver). You approached me and said you were "moved" to give me some of your product. I am a fair-skinned African-American man with dreadlocks. :-)

Well, your intuition was amazing, because I had been searching for a product that would help with my 10 year-old son's rash around his mouth. We had been to every sort of doctor and were convinced that it was being caused by a food allergy. But nothing we did resulted in any improvement. We are vegans and use only natural remedies whenever possible. We have tried many natural salves, supplements, and herbs with no positive results.

We started using your Marvelous Mend and saw almost immediate improvement. After using it for six months, the rash is not completely gone, but you have to look closely to see it now. It is better than we have ever seen it and he has had it for years.

I wanted to thank you for your amazing intuition that led you to approach me that day. The Universe certainly worked to bring us together.

I just placed an order for three more products: Self Soothe, Toe Love, and Marvelous Mend